Beautiful Baby Blue

Today was absolutely gorgeous!!
I loved being able to stop by the mall after work because I already got  my work out in this morning! The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the sky was blue!
But that wasn’t the only thing that was blue…
My blue ring!
Believe it or not, this was a graduation gift from my parents.  Yeah, college graduation.  And that was in May of 2009!  I just got it fitted and I am so glad :D  Now I can finally sport this beauty!
The picture doesn’t even do it justice!
On to dinner!
I made a salad for the fam.
Fresh tomato, cherry tomato, mozzarella, basil, corn on the cob off the cob, olive oil and balsamic vinegar! Mmm mmm!
My plate!  Chicken cutlet, tomato salad and some broccoli.  Very summery meal!

I need to live somewhere where it is this nice all year round!
Tomorrow is Friday, yipee!

Cool as a cucumber!

I was especially hungry today for lunch.  Maybe it was because I woke up earlier or maybe my metabolism was on overdrive?!
A tuna sammie!  Tuna on an Arnold  Flat with mayo, avocado, cherry tomatoes and avocado.
Veggies being friends.
On the side: Trader Joe’s lentil snacks!  The are really delicious and crispy.  They taste like potato chips, yum.
Because I got some yoga in this morning I have the evening to enjoy myself :)

Rise & Shine!

It was difficult getting up earlier than normal this morning but it was worth it!  I am not a morning person by any means and I find it hard to work out in the morning because I’d rather get more zzzs!  If it weren’t for work, I would still sleep in until 10:00!  But yoga was very relaxing and it was heated so it was that much better.  It felt nice to stretch and wake up slowly.  I only had to wake up 45 minutes earlier in order to arrive for yoga in time.
And having my morning workout partner helped :)
When it was time for breakfast, I was more than ready!
Raspberry blueberry bran muffin that I put on my yogurt!
Too big to eat the whole thing!
Trader Joe’s greek honey yogurt, ripe plum pieces and muffin crumbles!  I like this yogurt because the honey flavor is blended in :)
So pretty!
It was just what I needed after a morning workout!
I think I’ll call it snack!
Have a great morning!