Finally, I can seeeee! It turns out that the reason why I was still seeing everything blurry and suddenly not being able to read close up was because my prescription was too strong?! Beats me! All that matters is that I can see!!
Of course I did some damage at Target. I bought a new suit and a pair of shorts for vaca, woop!
Today was one of my coworkers birthday so we had some undocumented birthday cake!
It looked like this:
Yes, it was as good as it looks! And a little sinful but who doesn’t want to live life on the edge ;)
For dinner I was craving something pasta-y.
But after browsing the cabinet I had to decide…which kind of pasta?!?!
Geez, how much pasta can one family eat!┬á You’d think we eat it every night but I’m pretty sure everyone just forgets what we have and ends up buying more every time they go to the grocery store.
When I was growing up my mom couldn’t get us to eat cereal for breakfast so she would make us elbow noodles.┬á She’d put butter and Parmesan cheese on them :D┬á So when I stopped to think about what I wanted, it was elbow noodles!
I was also reading while cooking, quite the multi-tasker!
In my concoction :
┬░elbow noodles
┬░stewed tomatoes
┬░turkey peperoni
┬░ and this little baby:
And when I said baby, I really meant it! So tiny!
We received those as part of a gift from the OG when they were celebrating 10 years of the culinary school in Italy.  Yes, it does exist!
I love one pot meals!
I told myself that I wouldn’t have dessert after dinner because I already had birthday cake, but for some reason that never works.┬á My chocolate fix needs to be satisfied multiple times a day sometimes!
So I bargained with myself and decided on a small portion of Turkey Hill vanilla frozen yogurt in a ramekin with a few chocolate  chips!
Hit the spot without overindulging!
After I was finished with my appointment, shopping and dinner it was already 8:30!  Geez, where did the day go?!
I decided to break out my good old 30 Day Shred video to see if Jillian could still kick my behind.
Yep, she still does!
Ta ta!

Everything is better in a box.

For lunch I had my last Whole Foods present!
I love how they box everything up :)
Sweet potato salmon cake!!
Put the sweet potato salmon cake on a bed of Trader Joe’s marinated bean salad.┬á I love the mix of beans: chickpeas, red beans and white beans.
The beans gave the salmon cake some extra flavor and made things zesty!
I also threw in an ear of sweet summer corn!  It quickly became friends with the salmon cake :)  Glad my lunch components can get along.
This evening I have to go back to the eye doctor at Target (yes, it is true, they really do have everything) because after visiting a week and a half ago I still can’t see that great, wahh.
I’m hoping to get a workout in either before or after, so fingers crossed that this happens!
Enjoy your Wednesday!

Sugar and spice.

Goooood morning!  When I used to intern in New York at Diane von Furstenberg, I always loved how the men on the corner handing out newspapers would say, goooood morning New York!  It made me feel like I was in a movie :)
Today is a better day because it is hump day!  Half way through the week, yippee!
Breaky time!
A slice of rye toast (my favorite bread!) with a slice of bacon and a half slice of American cheese.
Nothing like some cheese in the morn’.
Some naners on the side! Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
Perfect medley :)
Did anyone else notice┬á that the weather seemed to jump to the 90’s as soon it was officially summer!?