Bustle & Hustle

Woo, this afternoon was a whirlwind!
At work we had a team meeting.  Although I have been at the company for over 5 months now, it was my first one!  It was interesting to hear everyone’s input and what different areas are doing around the gym.
My favorite part was the candy :D
Yeah, peanut butter cups!
Pretty good incentive to go to the meeting if you ask me ;)
Later in the afternoon it POURED!  Although I heard it was much worse in some areas.
Summer rains are the best!  It (usually) cools things off and they are always so intense and then it’s over in a few minutes.
After work I hustled my way over to meet up with my sister, Carrie, to learn how to bustle her dress!
It is located in a cute little quaint town called Haddonfield.
All tied up!
There we are, bride and bustler – or maid of honor, whichever you prefer :)!
We did some shopping afterward but it was pretty rushed because it was getting late!  I made a pit stop at Crate & Barrel and then Wegmans!
As I was preparing my dinner someone decided to run away and chase bunnies!  Can yo
guess who!?
Nope not my brother!
The culprit!  She got so dirty I had to give her a quick bath.
I was finally able to eat dinner!
The sun was starting to set so the quality of these are kinda blah.
I picked up some hazelnut crusted tilapia at Wegmans.  Oh so good!  I baked it so it came out nice and crunchy and perfectly flakey.
On the side was some mixed colored cherry tomatoes with fresh basil and a splash of olive oil.
I also had a cup of V8 Souther Corn Soup.  I like this soup because it has actual pieces of veggies in it and it is flavorful without being too spicy.
My brother works for Bonefish Grill and they are located in one of the locations that was hit by the storm and actually lost power!  They were without power but the employees still had to stay so his manager gave him brownies!?
Wow, super good!  They were even generous enough to throw in some vanilla ice cream and raspberry drizzle!
I had to have a try and wanted to try out one of my super cute little cups with spoons from Crate & Barrel.  What a great way to practice portion control!
I’m so glad that tomorrow Friday, yipee!
Goodnight :)


Can you believe how hot it is outside?  This morning they were saying on the radio that after several consecutive days of heat, it is considered a heatwave.  I sure believe it!  Although the high will be 96 today, it is expected to feel like it is over 100!
For lunch I decided to indulge in a slice of pizza!
In my salad: red leaf lettuce, fresh green beans, carrots, Trader Joe’s marinated bean salad!
Can’t have lunch without some veggies :D Did you know that it is pretty much manditory in my life for me to eat veggies with lunch and dinner?  Of course it doesn’t always happen, but for the most part, I just don’t feel satisfied if I don’t have them!  Plus it is just better for you and that way you can have something less nutritous like a slice of pizza because you’re eating healthy veggies too!
Mmm definitely a winning combo in my book!
Did you know that there is such thing as a pizza diet?! Apparently this guy from North Carolina ate only pizza and lost 24 pounds.  But he also exercised every day for an hour.  See, I told you it was all about balance ;)
This evening I’m meeting up with my sister to learn how to bustle her wedding dress because I’m the maid of honor!  She’s getting married at the end of July!!
I’m hoping I’m good at it!

Greek meets muesli.

Hmm that sounds kind of political, don’t you think!?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, greek yogurt is the way to go!
See how creamy and thick it is?!  And filling! Which is essential for breakfast because lunch is still hours away!
There’s my breakfast, just hanging out amongst nature.  And although it says cereal, there wasn’t much cereal-age going on in that bowl.  Well, maybe if you want to get technical because I topped my yogurt with muesli and blueberries.
What is muesli?!  It’s a breakfast lovers dream come true!  Unfortunately, I’m not a huge breakfast lover, but I do love muesli.  Muesli is actually a Swiss originiated food that contains a mixture of rolled oats, corn flakes, dried fruit, nuts and other types of grains.  It is great for throwing on yogurt or even eating as cereal!
So really, my cereal was Greek meets Swiss…interesting!
Today’s ride to work was surprisingly easy!  The only thing I’m wondering is…where were all the cars on the road!?  Eerie.
Welp, time for work.  See you at lunch time ;)