Meat Meets Bread.

In true meatloaf memory fashion, I had to have a leftover meatloaf sammie the day after having meatloaf for dinner.Β  It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t!
Growing up my mom would put the meatloaf on white bread with ketchup.Β  But I decided to go a little different and have it on a seeded bun with mustard.
Oh yeah, good choice.
I also packed some of the amazing breaded zucchini.Β  I also packed some dip!
A little messy but oh so good!
Today marks 4 years that Jay and I have been together so we are celebrating by going out to dinner…I can’t wait!

Wakey for Breaky

Those chocolate covered pretzels have got me addicted!Β  I just can’t seem to get chocolate off my brain.
But I decided to go a more healthy route…
Vanilla yogurt topped with half of a chocolate Vita Muffin, some coconut butter and strawberries.Β  Decadent!
Although these muffins taste great when they are heated and the chocolate chips get all melty, I also like them cold because you get a nice chomp on the chocolate chips.
I’m pretty sure strawberries and chocolate are a classic combo, at least in my book.
And I am only eating half of the muffin so I have a little snack later in the afternoon :D
I did take some photos of the strawberries up close and personal but for some reason they disappeared?!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!