Wedding primping.

Tonight was ladies night!
Before we got mani/pedis I picked up some salad for everyone from my favorite, Couch Tomato.
What About Cobb? Gorgonzola, tomato, egg, bacon, chicken.
This was my favorite! Food Pyramid – chicken, mozzarella, strawberries, and pecans over spinach.
BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad – chicken, tomato, cheddar cheese, corn, beans.
Pump it Up Portabella – portabella mushrooms, cranberries, goat cheese,sun flower seeds.
Balsamic, Ranch and BBQ Ranch.
Homemade wheat rolls!
Then it was nail time :)

We had a great time and our hands and feet are all pretty!
All that is left to do is to enjoy tomorrow!  Going to go enjoy the last few hours of my sister and I having the same last name :D

Graham cracka.

Due to my recent graham cracker obsession I decided to come up with a breakfast based on what would taste good with graham cracker crumbs!
I came up with this! Raspberry yogurt topped with graham cracker crumbs and blueberries.
In my fancy martini glass that Cate brought me back from Mexico!
With an over ripe plum – it was kinda mushy but so juicy and sweet.
Something about the graham cracker crunch and creaminess gets me every time!


Although I did work out today, it wasn’t a great workout.  While my shoes are really cute, they feel terrible!  I have a blister on the bottom of each foot and one on the back of my heel.  It hurts so bad :(
So I was able to run 2 miles and then I had to call it quits.  I was afraid of overdoing it before the wedding!
Then it was dinner time!
When I was little I pronounced spaghetti as “scabetti”.
And while there was a few spaghetti strands mixed in there, I had mostly rigatoni.
I also had a small salad with a slice of Italian bread.
Oh so yummy!
After dinner my Mom and I headed over  to the mall and I got my jewelry for the wedding! I would share but I want it to be a surprise :)  I also wrote my wedding speech! So all that is left to do is find a cute hairdo.  If anyone finds anything cute post a link or a picture because I could use some ideas.
Time to get some beauty rest!

Tomorrow is my Friday :D

BBQ’n lunch

I still had 2 servings left of  Trader Joe’s barbecue chicken so I had to wanted to use it up :)

I threw the chicken on a Weight Watcher english muffin with a Babybel Light on top!

With some peppas on the side!

Open faced!

So tonight I have a lot on my plate! I have to…

•work out!

•get jewelry for the wedding

•find a hairdo that I like

•write my toast!

See ya after dinner!

Peperoni and cheese.

When I was in high school I would stop at Wawa, the local convenience store, for a peperoni and cheese sandwich…for breakfast!
I remember everyone used to make comments about how gross it was and how bad it was for me.  The way I saw it was, if they sold it for breakfast alongside the bacon,egg and cheese sandwiches,  it must be ok!
And today I can say that it is ok to have for breakfast!
I healthified my sandwich and it is guilt free!  An Arnold flat, turkey peperoni and a slice of provolone.
With a side of fresh fruit! Watermelon and bluerries!
Salty and sweet…I’m telling you, I love this combo!
Delicious with a side of beauty.
Have a fantastic Wednesday :)!

Home cooked.

I was planning on going to my gym at home but my friend and coworker, Beth, asked me to work out at our gym.  So I figured, what the heck!
I actually worked harder than I have in a long time!
I did:
•1 mile  running at 5.5 mph
•12 minutes alternating from 4mph to 10mph every 30 seconds
•1 mile
It felt good :D
Then when I got home I was treated to my Mom’s home cooking yet again!
A whole plate filled with goodness!
Chicken cutlet.
Fresh salad with creamy balsamic dressing.
Two things mashed! Mashed cauliflower and my Mom’s mashed potatoes.  It was fun to have a taste test with the two side to side.  I hate to be so indecisive but they were each so delicious in their own way!  My Dad said he preferred the cauliflower!
After dinner we went mini golfing!  It was my brother’s request because he is leaving for college next month and wanted a family gathering.
I claimed to be a terrible golfer, but apparently that is not true.  I won!!  Which was kind of a shock to everyone because my Dad and brother play golf and I’m not all that athletic.
Then we went for ice cream!
I had a frozen yogurt twist with a pretzel cone!
I had been dying to try this cone for awhile! So glad I did :D I love the sweet/salty combo.
It was great to spend the night with my family.  I wish my sister could have been there but she is preparing for her wedding!
And now I’m going to go do this:
In preparation for my tooth procedure coming up!
Goodnight :)