Italiano kinda day.

So I forgot one of the highlights of my day!
How could something that I didn’t even know existed make me SO happy?! Starbucks drive thru! Where have you been all my life!
My regular.  An iced hazelnut coffee, splend and skim milk. ‘Twas refreshing and a much needed pick me up.
After work I ran! And ran and ran.  Well, not really.  But I ran 4 miles, which was my goal for today.  I completed it in 42 minutes and 13 seconds.
My goal is to run a half marathon in the fall.  I’ve never ran a race before, let alone a half marathon but I had a talk with one of the instructors at my work and she said that I am in shape enough where I can just continue to train and I should be ok.  So I’m going to go for it! And my goal is simply to finish, no emphasis on speed at all.

My Italian Momita (pretty sure  that is Spanish for little mom, but that is neither here nor there) made dinner!
Cheese ravioli.
Spinach ravioli.
Sausage, peppers and onions.
Green beans.
Just what I needed after a good run :)
And now Jay and I are going for a walk because he is in town for tonight!

Spicy meat-a-ball.

I’m pretty sure that was something that Mario from Nintendo used to say!
As you might guess, meatballs were on the menu for lunch! Trader Joe’s chicken meatballs to be exact! They are seriously SO good.  So flavorful and moist.  And they are already all cooked so they are very no fuss.
Paired  with a mishmosh salad.  All kinds of things thrown in there… beans, greens, and yumminess.
I topped the meatballs with some of my Mom’s homemade tomato sauce and threw it on an Arnold flat.
Open faced!
Yummm such a great lunch!
And I’m actually looking forward to my run today. I have 4 miles planned and I’m wearing my old sneaks that don’t rip up my feet so I’m hoping all goes well!

Awake for pancakes!

Last night I prepped the batter for these:
So that when I woke up I just had to make my pancakes!  Preparing things ahead of time really helps sometimes, especially when I am tired and don’t feel like making anything.  Food is always a good reason to get out of bed :D
I’m not sure if I gave this recipe before but it is one of my favorites and it is a Hungry Girl recipe!
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup mashed banana (about half a banana’s worth)
3 tablespoons fat free liquid egg substitute
1 tablespoon light vanilla soymilk
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 no calorie sweetener packet
dash salt  dash cinnamon
Simply mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients, spread a pan with cooking spray, and make 5 small pancake blobs.  I like mine a little mushy so I don’t let them cook very long :D
Almost as good as sleeping in ;)