Cheese please.

2 miles in 17 minutes? Check.
Nails beautified?  Check.
I had a very successful afternoon/evening!  Like I mentioned earlier, I had to run a fast 2 miles because I was short on time.  I normally run at about 5.5  mph-6 mph pace but today I ran at 7mph the whole time and sprinted at the end. It was hard but I felt so great when I finished!

Then I got my nails done right :) and pink!

All day I was craving something cheesey and carby.  It kind of felt counterproductive with my run but I tend to go with my cravings.
So I decided to make homemade mac and cheese!
Grate cheddar cheese.
Melt butter.
Add flour to make a roux.
Mix in the cheese and some milk!
Take a break to eat some more cheese! Brie and triscuits with some grapes.
Mix in the cheese sauce with elbow noodles.
Top with some Italian bread crumbs :D! Yummm enjoy!
My plate!
With some of the most delicious tomatoes from my Mom’s friend’s garden! Mixed with some avocado.  Perfect summer salad.
It was perfect and simple and just want I was craving all day!
After dinner I took a walk with my mom and Sandy. And now I’m relaxing, yayyy :)

Eat a salad, get your nails did.

That’s exactly how my day is going :D
I scooped this salad up while I was at Wegmans.  Asian chicken salad, yes please! So much flavor and crunch!
Lately, I’ve been obsessed with anything that involves a slaw mix. So glad there was some in this salad.
I also had a sliced sweet potato on the side for some fill factor.  It also helps that I am in love with them.
If you were wondering what my cutting board said! Yerp, OG approved.

After work I am hopping on the treadmill to get a quick 2 miles in because I’m getting my nails done…again!  When we went last week I really wanted to get the uv gel nails done but the place was packed and obviously my sister was a priorty.  My mom felt bad that my nails were chipped the day after I got them done so she made me an appointment today to have them done :D She is the best!
I can’t wait !

A first.

I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier so I figured that packing things the night before would help me get up and going faster.
I was all packed and ready to go for when my alarm was supposed to wake me up at 6:00 this morning.  But then I rolled over and saw that my clock said 6:20 and I was still in bed! So that means I’ll be running this afternoon.
Maybe next time I’ll actually get up!
Growing up my Mom made us oatmeal on cold winter mornings.  But we always had the instant kind.  And I’ve made “real” oats before in the microwave.  So here it goes…
Today was the first time that I had real oats and made them the real way, on the stove, Kath style.  Kath is one of my favorite bloggers and she eats oatmeal quite regularly.

The only thing that I did differently was that I added some of the walnuts in the actual oatmeal as it cooked.  Mmm they added such a great nutty crunch!  And the bananas really are like pillows of warm mushy goodness.  Such a delicious filling breakfast!

Alongside of my oatmeal I had some of my beloved cherries!!
Rainer cherries, so glad I found you at home!
The best cherries I’ve ever had, hands down.
Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go!