Thursday my way.

As soon as the clock hit 4:30 I went from work → run! I ran 4 miles in 42:00 and I was happy with it!
Thursday night was great!
I met up with Julie at Cooper’s Wine Bar in Manayunk.
We decided to go there because of their great happy hour and delicious menu choices!  They also boast that their menu boasts a “farm to bar” inspiration and all of their produce is brought in from local PA & NJ farms.
We actually started our meal sitting outside but realized that we had to sit at the bar in order to get the deal.  They even had to move people at the bar so that we could get seats!
I started off with the Blue Farm Fizz.  It consisted of Lancaster cucumber, organic Philadelphia bluecoat gin, garden basil and lime syrup.  I picked it because I was craving something refreshing and ever since I tried a cucumber margarita I love cucumber flavored drinks!
We decided to stick with the happy hour menu but did splurge on a regular menu item!  The 4 cheese sampler!
It was so delicious!
Next we tried two soups – Jersey cucumber; smoked salmon and Lancaster tomato gazpacho; crab.   Both were cold soups, which I did like.  The cucumber soup was my favorite  of the two although it had a weird hotness to it.  I also didn’t taste the salmon or crab.
This dish was my favorite! Shrimp salad – Lancaster tomato, basil and baby arugula salad, ripe avocado, lemon dressing.   All of the flavors just melded together so well.  The shrimp were the perfect texture and I loved the lemon dressing.  Delish!
We also tried the grilled fish taco, which I failed to take a picture of.  It was just eh compared to fish tacos I’ve had in the past.  I thought it was weird that it was made with salmon and that kind of threw me off.
“Hurricane Allie and Julie came through!” – Julie
After dinner we hit up a little ice cream place!
I had a frozen yogurt cone dipped in the chocolate that hardens.
So much fun to eat!
On our way back to the car we stopped to watch some dogs in a dog park :)
Such a fun night!
I’m spent – goodnight!

Chilly in the summer.

Yes I ate a frozen meal for lunch.  Yes it was delicious!
So what did I think about Amy’s Chili & Cornbread?  It was love at first bite.  As soon as I put that first savory bite in my mouth…. mmm!  I am a huge chili fan to begin with and I was a little skeptical about frozen chili but Amy’s hardly ever disappoints so I figured I would give it a whirl and I’m so glad I did!
I also had some leftover tomato and avocado salad.
And a big fresh peach that I actually didn’t bite into because I wanted to save it for before my run.
Speaking of run…today has 4 miles on the agenda!  Then I am meeting up with my friend Julie for happy hour! Can’t wait to see where we decide to go.  I love mid week dinner meet ups!

Grab ‘n go.

I will admit that my breakfast was boring this morning.
But it was delicious nonetheless!
I had a slice of cinnamon toast, a honey Oikos and a juicy plum.  I really need to stop eating my plums in my car because it just winds up being a sticky mess.
The taste you can see! Cinnamon taste has always and will always remind me of my childhood.
And I also stopped at Starbucks and picked up a tall ice hazelnut coffee with splenda and soy milk! I’m addicted, it is official.
I’m also impressed that I do not feel sore since I’ve started running to train for my half.  It must be because I’m actually stretching ;)