Fish Tacos!

Work out
Woo! Today’s run felt great! I had to do 3.5 miles which I completed in 32:15.  It felt really good and I didn’t have any issues.
Ever since I visited my best friend Cate in Florida and had some delicious fish tacos I have been dreaming about them!
So when I found an amazing and healthy recipe today I had to make them!
The recipe called for red snapper but I substituted for tilapia because Wegmans didn’t have any snapper.
Everything turned out amazing!  In the fish tacos: a salad that consisted of red cabbage, radishes, romaine, cilantro and lime.  Topped with a sauce that was supposed  to have plain yogurt in it but I accidentally put the WHOLE can of ancho chilies in when it was only supposed to have a tsp! Luckily my mom had sour cream so we substituted with that.  All on a corn tortilla!
My mom also grilled some shrimp with old bay.
And I also made homemade caesar dressing using a recipe that I found in the Joy of Cooking.
Such an amazing meal!!
My cousin is here for several days so I went out to run a few errands with her and my mom after dinner, which pushed my bedtime back a little later than usual!

Hump Day

Sorry for the lack of a post this morning.  I woke up kinda late and then I took some pictures and I was having problems with uploading them.  My breakfast was rather boring anyway.

I had a Yoplait light Harvest Peach yogurt and a naner.  My food isn’t exciting all of the time!
Luckily, lunch was more interesting.
Salad in a huge Starbucks mug!
Spinach, baked chicken, roasted red pepper, mozzarella cheese and celery!
With a side of mashed potatoes.
Today I have a 3 mile run planned… that I can do!