Thursday date.

Work out
Today I ran 4.5 miles and I felt so good!  I was on fiyaaa.  Well, I felt like it even though I only pulled a 47:18.  Hey, it was still faster than my previous time!
After my run I ran drove home, showered and got ready for dinner with Jay!  We went to Gia Nina’s, a little family owned Italian restaurant.  I actually used to work there and they have expanded quite a bit since I did.
I started off with a glass of unsweetened iced tea.
My meal started off with a homemade garlic roll and some roasted red peppers.  They make the peppers too!  I know because I used to eat them by the spoonful :D  I took a bite of the roll and gave the rest to Jay.
Next up was one of my favorite salads.  So simple but the ingredients just taste so well together!
For my entree I had Vinnie’s special – my favoriteee!  Penne with grilled chicken, roasted red peppers and spinach all with a balsamic dressing.  The portion is monsterous and beileve it or not but it actually used to be bigger!  I will get at least 2 more meals out of this.
Jay had a chicken parm sandwich.
We also had some live entertainment, which was a cross between hysterical and kind of annoying.  The table next to us loved it and kept requesting more songs.  He even played take me out to the ball game!

My date :D
After dinner we went for a walk.
Here’s the comparison of my teeth!
Before                                                                      After!

Cilantro and lime.

I am so glad we had leftovers from last night’s dinner :D
I made a fish taco salad.  Minus the tortilla.
I also put some of the sour cream/ancho chile dressing on top and a little of the caesar dressing.  What an amazing combo!
I’m in love with the flavor of lime and cilantro.  I could eat this flavor combo every day!  So fresh and delicious.
Today’s workout is 4.5 miles again.  I’m feeling a little unmotivated but Jay and I are meeting for dinner later so that should help me want to keep going so I can finish up and spend some time with him :D

New teefers.

I had to get going extra early this morning because I had an appointment at the dentist!
Wow, that is not a flattering picture of my mouth AT ALL!  But I had to show you what my teeth looked like before in order for you to understand how great they look now!
People always ask me if I experienced some kind of injury or accident that caused my front tooth to be uneven but I never did!  As far as I know, that was how it came in and I’ve been unhappy about it for a long time.  So when my best friend Cate told me about her dentist that fixed her uneven front tooth – I had to go!  Luckily, she was able to do the same for me :D
The process the dentist used is called bonding.  From what I understand they make the surface of your tooth rough using a pick like tool and then apply a gel substance that can be molded to substitute the lack of tooth.  She said that I may feel some discomfort from roughing up my tooth and the cold water that was squirted on it while she was doing it but I didn’t mind it.  The whole process took about a half hour!
I’m so grateful that I was able to have the procedure done and I love the result!  I’ll show you the final results later tonight :D