Work & eat.

Whenever I waitress on the weekends I have to pack a meal to eat while I work.  Otherwise, I wind up eating something at work and A.) spending money and B.) eating something really really unhealthy.
So what did I pack for dinner?
More leftovers of course!  This is the last of my meal from last night.
Still tastes just as amazing!
I packed some strawberries for dessert.
So red and juicy!
I will be putting forkfuls of dinner in my mouth in between serving tables because we never really stop on Friday nights!
I’m going to see Eat, Pray, Love tonight with my best friend Kay!! I can’t waittt :D I’ll be sure to tell you about it!

Friday the 13th!

Ohhh spooky!  Happy Friday the 13th :D  Too bad it isn’t October, that would make it even better!
This morning I tried a Flat out wrap for the first time.  These wraps are awesome!  If you check out their site they boast that they were “Health Magazine’s America’s Healthiest Food 2009!” and they have a bunch of awesome flavors.  The nutrition stats are awesome too!  This kind is multi-grain with flax and has 100 calories, 2.4 g fat, 9g protein and 8g fiber!
I stuffed it with cream cheese and some scallions and rolled it all up.
I also tried Fruit2day.  So delicious!  It is a little different at first because there are actual fruit pieces inside but I loved it.  Very refreshing and it has 2 servings of fruit and only 110 calories!
Hope your Friday is full of good luck!