Lazy dinner.

I rocked 4.5 miles again today.  The only thing that was annoying was how hungry I was while  running.  This has never really happened to me before.  Usually I don’t feel hungry until after I’m finished but my stomach kept rumbling.  I took extra sips of water just to try and ward off the pangs.
So I had intentions of making a delicious recipe, which I still will make this weekend, but I needed something quick!
On the ride home I was contemplating what to get and I thought about what I really wanted.
Chicken parm sandwich and a mixed salad!
I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing while I ate this.
Ohhh so good.  Plus, it was nice just relaxing and not having to cook! 
I haven’t just vegged and watched tv in forever so it was really nice.  I especially enjoyed watched the always hysterical Jersey Shore.
I put the recipe for the peach bread pudding in my recipes section.  Check it out here!
TGIF tomorrow :)

Chicken salad remix.

I’m a big fan of chicken salad.
There are a ton of creative ways to make it and I decided to add my own twist!
I added a teaspoon of mayo, almond slices, tomato, and… sweet potato!
Yes, it tastes as good as it looks. It may sound weird, but it added a little extra sweetness and density.  Plus, sweet potatoes are loaded with nutrition.  Although chicken salad is delicious on a croissant, sometimes I’m just not feeling anything with bread.  So this way you get a delicious and filling lunch!
Today I’m back on my half marathon training track.  I took the day off yesterday which I haven’t done since I’ve been training but it was worth it and I don’t think one day will matter all that much.  4.5 miles today!

Recipe coming soon!

More peach bread pudding this morning.  With some banana slices.
I actually think it has gotten better since I first made it.  All of the flavors just keep melding together :D
I’m going to post the recipe sometime soon so you can give it a whirl!

Wine a little.

Last night was such a fun night!  I was a little tuckered out when I got back from the wine tasting so I got up early this morning to write about it :D  A girl needs her sleep, right?!
My amazing good friend Rian invited me to the wine tasting.   Each year the local areas do a Dancing with the Stars gig and each contestant picks a charity to raise money for.  All of the benefits went to a charity to fight hunger.
We only had to drive a short distance but we soon ended up on a farm/winery :)
It was very cute and quaint!  I can’t wait to go back and check it out when I can actually take the time to try everything and buy a bottle of vino.  Last night was all about the socializing and enjoying the company.
When we got there we each got to pick a glass.
The food was fresh and delicious!
The wine was a plenty!
The company was great :)
It was great getting a chance to see everyone and hang out,especially during the week!  We all agreed that it broke up our week and let us have something to look forward to.  And it was for a great cause!
Thanks for a great night Ri! :)