Double time.

Sorry for the lack of posting this afternoon.  Things got a little hectic!
But  tonight I prepared 2 appetizers with the help of my sister and Jay.  I will admit that these appetizers are not healthy.  But they are fun and sometimes you have to have fun with your food.
First up was sausage and pepper bites.
Super easy and delicious!  You can find the recipe here!
Next we made chicks in a blanket :)
I have also posted this recipe here.
Once our snacks were ready, Jay and I headed over to our good friends’ Rian and Matt’s place for appetizers and drinks.
It was a feast of delicousness.
Sipped some Jersey wine.  Which is delicious by the way.  We tasted this the other night at the wine tasting.  It is a blend of pinot grigio, peach wine and apple wine… so fruity and tasty.
It was a great night chatting with friends and eating great food…my favorite things to do :)!