Donut muffins and a great run!

I really believe that Sunday mornings were made for baking.  When I was growing up my mom would make great breakfasts on the weekends and the wonderful smells always woke me up.  One day when I have a family I will definitely make delicious things in the morning so that the smells can rise through the house as my family wakes up!
So I decided to make something tasty this morning.
I originally saw this recipe on Tina‘s site.  She wrote about donut muffins and how amazing they were.  Tina found the recipe here!  I also loved how Tina wrote about how to use control when making something as delicious and decadent as these muffins.  It is easy to get carried away and regret it later.  I took her advice by:
a.) Making mini muffins
b.) Bringing the muffins to share with my friends at work and my grandparents!  Nothing like sharing the love.
They turned 0ut great!
And of course they were a hit.  How could muffins that taste like donuts not be a hit!?!
So after I worked and shared muffins with my work friends and stopped by my grandparents, I stopped by Old Navy to get some more workout pieces and then…went for a run!
It was a crazy but successful run.  8 miles down!  I was a little worried because I worked and was tired, but I wound up doing really well.  On Friday I bought a new pair of running shoes, so I was also nervous because they weren’t broken in yet.  Although they felt a little stiff and my feet got minor blisters, it wasn’t bad.
By the way, I would highly recommend getting fit for a good pair of running shoes.  I was running with a reallyyy old pair and I knew it was time to get a new pair but I knew that before I invested money on another pair of sneakers I really needed to see which kind was right for my feet.  The man who helped me was really helpful and gave me a thorough exam before I chose these:
I also tried vanilla bean Gu on my run!
I didn’t really need it all that bad, but I talked to the guy at the running store bout trying a running gel while running and he recommended that you should have one every 45-60 minutes of running.  Basically, it refuels your body so that you have enough energy to keep going.  The kind I tried also had caffeine.  I felt really good after the first 2 miles and I’m not sure if it was because of the Gu, which I took after 4 miles, but I would try it again.  It is suggested that you never try something the day of your run, which is why I wanted to try the Gu prior to the half marathon.  There are only 100 calories per pack, which I thought was a good amount.  Any more and I’d kind of feel like it was a waste.  I’d rather eat food!  I also read some reviews about the Gu before I tried it and is it weird that I actually liked it!?  It reminded me of…
and umm who wouldn’t want to eat vanilla icing while running?!?
When I first started my run it was cloudy.  There were actually tornado warnings earlier in the day but that passed so I thought I was safe. A little while later it began downpouring.  I contemplated stopping but I was far from my house and even if I turned back I was still going to be in the rain so I just kept going!  Then, the rain stopped and two rainbows appeared!  By the time I was finished the moon came out.  Quite crazy!
Well it is past my bedtime and I’m really sleepy…good night!

Summer spaghetti.

I’m not sure if my mom created this recipe herself or if she borrowed it from someone else but it has become a staple in our house during the summer months.  Unfortunately, we haven’t made it once this summer!  I was telling some friends about it the other night and thought that I really needed to.
So today was the day!

I really can’t imagine making this recipe without juicy red tomatoes.  I’m sure you could try in the winter or somewhere where tomatoes aren’t readily available, but it just wouldn’t be the same.
It is pretty basic and simple and the results are amazing!
Ohhh so good!  You can find the recipe here .
And with the Never Ending Pasta Bowl going on at the Olive Garden, I feel like I want pasta too.  But not the kind there.  Yes, I am influenced by the food around me!  It definitely satisfied my craving and then some.
My day was really productive!  I cleaned, made the amazing spaghetti and sauce, got my oil changed, saw Jay, worked and I also went for a run today.  I ran 4 miles and it was a bad idea simply because it was so humid out!  I just felt like I was craving water the entire time and my body felt so drained!  I’m planning on a long run tomorrow but most likely that will be done indoors!
When I came home from running I found this:
I always wonder what possesses her to get up there!
Good night :)

Tomato Sauce on Foodista