Wedge or cobb.

So I started making my lunch with the idea that I wanted a wedge salad.  But the more I thought about it, it was more like a cobb salad…minus the egg.
Oh yeah.  Romaine hearts, tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese and avocado.  And do you remember the amazing tomato sauce I made over the weekend? I’m eating it as soup for lunch.  It is that good.
I also made a treat that I brought in for my coworkers.  Onion pretzels!  The recipe is very simple and it isn’t really a healthy treat but it is soo tasty.  I’ll share the recipe tonight!
Another late night at work and I’m dreaming about dinner already!

Pineapple smoothie

As much as I didn’t mind taking the Gu yesterday, apparently the caffeine was a bad choice…whoops!  I couldn’t fall asleep until so late and I’m exhausted!
But the show must go on.
This morning’s breakfast included a pineapple smoothie and strawberries.
In my smoothie:
•about 7 ice cubes
•3/4 cup pineapple
•1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt
•splash of skim milk
It tasted like a vanilla shake :D
So despite my sleepiness,  it has been a tasty morning!