Rainy dinner.

Geez!  Will the rain let up already?!  I don’t mind rainy whether but only when I can lay in my bed all day :D
I went for a 4 mile run when I got home around my neighborhood and then hurried inside to warm up and make dinner!
Simple ingredients = good dinner.
A simple salad with greens, tomatoes and some balsamic vinegarette.
Grilled chicken, pastina and some roasted carrots. 
Don’t the carrots look like little hot dogs?!  I roasted them in the oven at 450º for 35 minutes.  They got nice and soft and crispy on the outside.  I love how sweet and savory they are when cooked.
Pastina might just be one of my favorite foods.  So creamy and delicious.  I topped it with some roasted red pepper pieces.
After dinner I snacked on some homemade popcorn!
Mmm I forget how good it is when you make it yourself!
I spray it with some cooking spray and sprinkle a little garlic salt for some flava.  Delish!
Time for bed…goodnight!

Shrimps for lunch.

I had a good amount of shrimp left over from dinner so I just had to bring some for lunch!
Served over some rice and big lettuce leaves.
It was even better as lunch because the flavors blended even more.  I love tasty lunches like this!
I’m looking forward to a great run today and maybe I’ll do it outdoors today because the weather is just too great to not take advantage of the gorgeous weather!
Hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are!

Banana split for breakfast.

Could it be true… a banana split for breakfast!?
It is so easy to make this and so delicious!
All you have to do is:
•Split a banana down the middle
•Add a half cup of yogurt.  I used greek yogurt but anything would do!
•Add some toppings!  I used some sliced strawberries, peanut butter Puffins, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.
I’m a huge fan of making breakfast fun and this is definitely a great way to get nutrients in while feeling like you’re having dessert for breakfast.
I’m sure kids would love this too!
I hope everyone has a great morning!

Rock Shrimp.

Sorry for not updating last night!  I was super exhausted and needed to get to bed early.  But I’m feeling good now and the weather is gorgeous!  It is cool and a little windy.  It reminds me of fall and I looove fall.  I can’t wait for it to arrive!
If you’ve ever been to Philadelphia and experienced Pod, you understand the amazing-ness.  If you have never been to Philadelphia and you are going to visit one day… you must experience Pod!!
It is a contemporary pan asian restaurant and the whole restaurant is just gorgeous and funky.  Want to know how funky?   If you have the right sized party and you luck out, you get to sit in a pod, where you control the lighting and have your own little area.  So cool! The food is to die for and something that I crave pretty frequently.  One of my favorite dishes is something that my sister introduced me to the first time I visited.
Rock shrimp!  It is a unique appetizer and the flavors are unlike anything I’ve ever had.  I have had rock shrimp at other restaurants but nothing compares to this!  So of course last night I was craving rock shrimp so I decided to wing it and make my own!
So what is in rock shrimp?  Well, it is usually tempura battered shrimp in a creamy spicy dressing.  Pod serves theirs with pineapple and candied walnuts mixed in.
To make mine I mixed an egg yolk, flour and water together.  I coated some clean shrimp in the mixture and put them in the oven to get crispy.  You could fry the shrimp which would be amazing, but I was trying to cut back on the cals.  I then sauteed some shitake mushrooms to mix in.  For the dressing I combined Miracle Whip, chili powder, and garlic powder together.  I didn’t have any walnuts on hand so I put some pecans in for that extra crunch and some pineapple chunks.  I served it over rice in a big lettuce leaf!
It. was. amazing.
With an extra side of mushrooms.
And some okra!  Which I had never had before!  Kath inspired me to make okra “fries”.  All I did was spray them with some cooking spray and added a little salt and pepper.  I cooked them at 350° for 20 minutes.  I found a new veggie that I love!
It was a great meal!
Later dudes.