Creamy, crunchy, savory.

Evening!  Tonight was my late night at work so dinner was pretty simple.
Creamy coleslaw.  Crunch grapes. Savory roasted chicken, tomato slices, little bit o’ mayo on some toast.

I’m not  quite sure how I’m going to survive without fresh summer tomatoes!

Tonight was also my night off from running, which felt good.  Surprisingly, I am not in any kind of pain today!  Jay said I should feel something tomorrow so we will see.  I guess that means I’m in decent shape if I feel good!?
Jay comes home tonight!!!  He had a great time in Vegas and I’m glad he is east coast bound.  Too bad I won’t get to see him until later in the week.
Off to bed I go!

I love peppers.

Good afternoon!

Sometimes all I want for lunch is a good old sandwich.

Rye bread with ham, American cheese, grainy mustard, lettuce and banana peppers.

With a side of red peppers and honey balsamic dressing to dip!
Peppers on my sandwich and on the side!
Really easy and nutritious.  I was kind of craving chips because everyone knows that chips go amazingly well with sandwiches, but the peppers were obviously a healthier choice.
I’m already dreaming about next weekend!

Gimme some oats.

Yesterday I completed a 9 mile run!!!  I was super tired but really proud of myself.  My legs were pretty tired and my feet were achy but I was glad I finished.  Since I’ve been training my legs haven’t really felt like that, but maybe it is because I haven’t pushed myself as hard as I did.  When I finished I had to keep walking for awhile just to get them to calm down!
My stomach was growling before I even got out of bed this morning!
Some oatmeal was needed :)
In my oatmeal:
•1/2 cup oats
•1/4 cup water
•1/4 cup skim milk
•peanut butter
•chia seeds
Yumm so tasty and filling!
Kinda tasted like PB&J with the craisins and peanut butter.  Oh and I topped it with some light brown sugar :D
I’m feeling well rested this morning and I’m ready for a day at work!