Red, white and green.

Lunch time actually came pretty quickly today!
I had some of the baked farfalle that I made last night with a salad and some watermelon.
Just as good the second time around :)
A really really simple salad.  I need to get some more interesting/tasty ingredients!
And some super sweet watermelon!  It was perfect and juicy!
I really wish I could just make creative things for lunch and dinner and have all day to make them.  One day!

Happy September!

Yayyy!  September is here :D  I am really pumped because I absolutely love fall and anything that has to do with the season.  I realize that it is not fall yet but it is quickly approaching!
This morning I made a pineapple smoothie.  It was official because I used a smoothie mix!

I also had some company.
I’m usually pretty sleepy and grumpy in the morning (not a morning person!) but I just can’t deny that face :)
Off to enjoy my first day of September!