Pre Labor day

Good morning and good afternoon!

Good morning cucumber sammie.  I haven’t had one of these in forever!!  Usually we make cucumber sandwiches when we have tea parties…yes the girls in my family get together for tea parties.  But other than that, it is a sandwich that I rarely eat.  And oddly, I had a hankering for one.

Really quite simple.  An Arnold flat, some cream cheese and a little sprinkle of ranch seasoning, topped with some fresh cut cucumbers.
Not exactly breakfast food, but why not?!
With a banana that I actually didn’t eat with breakfast but will munch on between breakfast and lunch.
And my lunch?
My beloved Trader Joe’s salad and some edamame.

So so so good!
I’m waitressing tonight so it will be another busy day!  But I can’t complain about making money :D
My plans for the weekend are to:
•work on cleaning my room more (Should I take pictures?! I fear that TLC might scoop me up for the show Horders, although I am working on changing that!)
work 2 dinner shifts and a lunch shift
•get 1 “easy” workout in and then 1 long run!
•possibly watch the Red Bull Flugtag
cook something delicious
spend time with Jay!
relax because I have off on Monday…yipee!