Fajitas for 2.

8 Sep
I love when my mom makes fajitas :)
She’s the best fajita maker I know!!
In my fajita: grilled chicken, peppers and onions, cheddar cheese, avocado, mushrooms, and a blob of sour cream.
I later added a blob of salsa and felt that I had to document it!
Prior to our delish dinner I ran 5 miles after work.  I was in good running spirits today and finished in 47 minutes.  I was satisfied with this :)
I also spent some time sitting outside tonight.  It is so nice out and although the sun sets at 7:30 :( it was so nice and breezy. Anddd I chatted with both of my best friends, Cate and Kay!
I have 2 exciting dinner dates coming up soon!  It is about to be restaurant week in Philly and I always take advantage of this time of year.  When else can you get such a great deal…usually 3 courses for $30-$35.  Sometimes the restaurant will offer 4 courses!  And you can also dine at lunch for $20-$25.  If you live in the area or are going to be around check it out!  The list is here! I’ll let you know which restaurants I’m dining at as it gets closer :)
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One Response to “Fajitas for 2.”

  1. cleaneatingchelsey September 9, 2010 at 6:47 am #

    i loooove fajitas!!! I think they will have to be on my meal plan for next week!!

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