What a beautiful Friday!  The high for today is only 76º here!  I had to pack both lunch and dinner today.  So you’re getting the linner scoop.  Kind of weird knowing what you’re eating for the whole day before it even starts.
I packed another lunch in my cute container today!
A Trader Joe’s chicken tamale, peppers and onions and some grapes.  I’m pretty sure this container just makes everything looks more appetizing.
And for dinner!  I came up with my own little quick creation.
A piece of garlic naan from Trader Joe’s with some of their pulled bbq chicken, topped with some mozzarella chunks.  It will be my first time trying naan, I can’t wait! 
If you didn’t know, I have to pack my dinner on Fridays because I go from work→work!  You bet it feels amazing to sleep in on Saturday mornings!

Happy Half.

Yipeee! It’s my half birthday :) Yes, I’m a dork and celebrate things like this.  Life’s just not fun if you can’t celebrate the little things!
So back tracking a little bit…
My mom declared it salad night.  We had tuna salad, chicken salad and egg salad.  I loathe egg salad…yuck!
So pretty and colorful!
You can’t have salad night without pickles!
And some more of that fresh cantaloupe!
I had half a roll with tuna on one side and chicken on the other.  We also enjoyed some of my grandmom’s cauliflower soup.
It was a delicious dinner!
For breakfast I just grabbed something quick.  A yogurt and some more melon. 
Nothing fancy but it did the job of filling me up :)
And now on to the celebration…
 Half a cake for my half birthday :D  I’m a cornball I know!
Have a great September 10th!