2 Days to Go!

I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy but all I can think about is the race on Sunday.  I’m sure I will be fine but there is just that constant nagging feeling that I won’t finish, will get hurt…etc!
Food is always a good distraction :)
For breakfast I had a waffle with applesauce and banana.
Applesauce is surprisingly a good substitute for syrup!
And I had this face sniffing around while I was making my breakfast.  She never misses an opportunity to try and catch any crumbs that might fall!
For lunch I had El Vez leftovers! Thankfully I was able to document some of my amazing dinner :)
Mmmhmm!  I’m glad I didn’t have room last night and got to experience my meal again!
Oh and our pictures from the photo booth!
On the first picture we didn’t know that the camera had started so that is why there is lack of much going on :)
I have off this weekend from the OG to relax and get ready to run so I’m sure I’ll have some fun things to post about.  Until then!