Breakin’ Out.

Saturday  morning I was up and at ’em by 7:00!  I mean, technically it was 10:00 at home, but who is getting technical?  I think I deserve the credit for waking up early :)
I hustled my butt across town for some of the day’s activities.  But before, I needed some fuel!
And it’s a good thing I got Starbucks!  Because while I was there I ran into some amazing ladies that I wound up spending a good amount of time with.  But I’ll get to that in a bit.
So off we went to get our learn on…
The first session that I attended was about photography and improving your skills.  It was a quick but informative session.
Then we had the chance to practice what we learned! I took the opportunity to photograph some water while all the stations were busy.
Next, I attended a session presented by Fresh Express.  Chef Todd and Ashley from Edible Perspective did a demonstration of Ashley’s recipe.
It looked so delicious, I wish we could have tasted it!
Lastly, I attended a session about successful blogging and what other bloggers feel like success means to them.
After the sessions I went to the Ferry Building with Sarah, Lauren, Lauren, and Gina.
It was such a gorgeous day out and the city was buzzing with all kinds of vendors and fun stands.
When we arrived at the Ferry Building there was a farmers market outside that we checked out first.
We tried a persimmon!  It tastes sweet but had the texture of a tomato.  Interesting to say the least.
This was a kind of grapefruit…very weird!  I almost didn’t believe that the fruit I was eating was actually that bizarre fruit.
We then headed inside to check out all of the goodies!
This was a little honey stand where we tasted a bunch of flavors.  They were all really unique and so good!
I bought 2 kinds of olive oil here, regular flavored and blood orange.
The view from the Ferry Building was gorgeous!
We then headed to the tasting pavilion.  On our way we saw a bridal party!
I’ll fill you in on the tasting pavilion next :)