Fancy Pants Dinner.

I headed over to the girls’ hotel before dinner while they got ready.  We decided that a cocktail was needed :)
They were staying at the Sir Francis Drake hotel so we just went right to the lobby bar!
The bartender took his drinks very seriously!
Lauren and Lauren were raving about a delicious margarita that they had had the night before.  Apparently it wasn’t quite what the bartender made but I thought it was pretty tasty!
Ladies! Gina, SarahLauren.
Boony Doon Vineyard wine.  They had delicious wine.  And there was a different kind throughout the night to be paired with each course.
Delicious polenta appetizer.
The tables were set up so beautifully!
We all said we felt like we were at a wedding :) There wasn’t even a bride, but the I would have married the food so it was close enough.
Two of my favorite ladies! Debby and Monica!  They were such nice people and so fun to talk to.  They also gave me great advice and some inspiration!  Check out their blogs because they are amazing cooks/bakers!
It’s true, we all do <3 Foodbuzz!
Then it was time to eat!
Eat, pour wine.
This was my favorite course! I culd have ate those scallops all day and night.
Lots of wine pours equals a little fun!
This was my first experience with lamb.  I actually really liked it!  I was nervous but I was joking that I can now cross something else off my bucket list.  I don’t think I’d ever order it at a restaurant but it was a good experience trying it.
Mmm dessert!
By the time I worked my way through all of this I was quite full.  It was such an amazing and tasty meal.  There was a scavenger  hunt afterward but we were all just too spent!
I have more to tell you…the farewell breakfast, Alcatraz and my day in Sonoma!  I’ll keep you posted :)