Dinner…in a grocery store?

I remember being in the grocery store with my Mom when I was very young and somehow I’d always end up with food.  Sometimes my Mom would hand us a slice of cheese after she bought some from the deli counter or hand us a box of crackers she had to break open and buy later because, “We’re hungry!”
So really, the concept of eating in a grocery store isn’t all that odd to me.  But ah, this type of eating is soo much better than sort of stealing groceries than paying for them later.
I know Wegmans is a northeast thing.  I wish I could take you all there.  It’s  like Whole Foods, but a lot less expensive and as equally, if not more, amazing.  It’s the type of grocery store that makes everything so darn aesthetically appealing.
The Pub is located right in the grocery store.  And I would love to say we were just hungry while grocery shopping but we actually planned to go.
Their specials are amazing.  Jay’s beer was only $2!  And every day they have different deals.  Like on Tuesdays they have a flight of cheese and a glass of wine for $10!
I had a delicious blueberry beer.  I think this may be my favorite beer…ever!
There were so many decisions to be made! I decided to start with a shrimp cocktail.  But not any shrimp cocktail…it was sliced up for you, mixed with cocktail sauce and topped with crab meat.
For my entrée I had sea scallops with field greens.  The scallops were the perfect texture – firm and crispy on the outside.
Jay had baked chicken fingers with fresh-cut fries.
We thought the Pub was great!  Delicious food, inviting and open restaurant space and great service.
Oh, and uhhh… no tipping?  When we paid with a credit card there wasn’t even a place for a tip!  We actually felt kind of uncomfortable about this so we left a little tip.  I’m a server what do you expect?!
I’m a fan of this concept and I’d definitely go back.  Just don’t judge me if you see me walking through the grocery store with a slice of cheese in hand.
One more thing!  We spotted these later that night while getting some fro yo.