Let’s share some links.

1.) I have yet to try a mug cake but they always look so cute and tasty.  Have you tried one?  Here are some recipes for inspiration!
2.) Do you eat for comfort?  Here are some ways to break the habits and cycles!
3.) Risotto is one of the ultimate comfort foods!  Try this tasty recipe tonight with some veggies and you will have the perfect meal.
4.) If you love sites where you find new, unique, products, you will love this site.  Especially because you can find out where you can buy them!
5.) Have you ever thought about making your own sprinkles?!
6.) Is coffee good for anything other than starting your day?  Of course it is!
7.) Making the perfect pizza at home can be tricky but try these tips and your results will be perfectly tasty!
8.) If youโ€™re missing summer veggies like zucchini in this tasty recipe.
9.) Iโ€™m sure youโ€™ll be interested in anything that is called gooey chocolate chip cookie bars, so here it is!
10.) Looking for the perfect foodie holiday gift? Check out these ideas!