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1.) I recently started eating brown rice once I realized I was not cooking it correctly!  Follow this recipe for tasty brown rice!
2.) Do you enjoy cheesy, gooey, toasty sandwiches? What about fresh herbs? Try this sandwich recipe for an amazing sandwich treat!
3) If you’re looking for a place to find baking recipes all in one spot, check out this link where everything is perfectly organized!
4.) These snowmen cupcakes are not only adorable but low fat!
5.) Do you need a fresh start after Thanksgiving? Try this fresh, healthy, green smoothie.
6.) This one dish lunch or dinner is easy and filled with nutritious ingredients!
7.) Of course you’ve had Jell-O shots before, but have you ever had rainbow Jell-O shots before?
8.) Cuban sandwiches pack a lot of flavor into two slices of bread and this version will have your mouth watering.
9.) If you’re looking for a hearty soup on a chilly night, this one is perfect!
10.) Do you have any leftovers from Thanksgiving?  If so, try this turkey Reuben recipe for one last turkey hoorah!