Two Cent Tuesday for the Holiday!

1.) Nothing says Christmas quite like chocolate and peppermint. What a fantastic combination!
2.) Are you looking for a fancy holiday party β€˜do?  Try one of these pretty looks!
3.) Try these cinnamon cream cheese bars at your holiday breakfast this year!
4.) Mashed potatoes are a holiday fan favorite, but add some goat cheese and you might crave these all year long!
5.) Not only is this shrimp bisque recipe making my mouth water, but the pictures are beautiful and the story is touching.
6.) How do avocado fries with spicy dip sound? Tempting?  I thought so.
7.) These green tea and raspberry trifles are so beautiful and decadent!
8.) I always love unique desserts like this recipe for pineapple upside down cookies!
9.) Why have I never thought to make this?! Rice Krispie french toast!
10.) Here’s a festive recipe for traditional Christmas cookies!