Herbivoracious & R2L.

Last week was filled with many “firsts”. 
1.) I visited R2L in my beloved city, Philadelphia.
2.) I met Michael Natkin and scored a copy of his cookbook, Herbivoracious.028
3.) Really connected with the views of someone who is a vegetarian.
Michael is currently on a book tour for Herbivoracious and we were lucky that one of his stops was in Philly!  My good friend Wendy set the event up and it was not only tasty but really fun.
Throughout the evening we had the opportunity to try a variety of vegetarian dishes prepared by R2L.
Based on the appetizers alone, let alone the view… I will definitely be back to visit!
Most importantly, we tried Michael’s grapefruit and avocado crudo, which was made with grapefruit, avocado, chervil, capers, olive oil, salt and pepper.
What a refreshing, simple, yet sophisticated dish!  I could definitely see myself making this for guests this summer with a glass of wine, sitting outside as fireflies surrounded us. 
In between bites I chatted with friends and even had the opportunity to discuss Michael’s book and his travels.  We were all shocked that he wasn’t going to be in Philadelphia for more than a few hours!  If you have a chance, definitely check out his site and his recipes.  His stories are interesting and his dedication to good food and a humane lifestyle is admirable.
As for Herbivoracious, it is filled with gorgeous recipes, even more beautiful photos and creativity that will have you turning page after page!