From growing to eating.

    As summer is winding down and our garden continues to grow, I’m always pondering what to create.  I’ve taken many pictures of our bounty of veggies that I still need to share. 
    My favorite thing that we’ve grown… eggplant!  One of my favorite veggies.  The real trick is how to to prepare it and keep it interesting.  I personally think eggplant parmesan is the best way to enjoy the purple vegetable, but there are so many other fun varieties to try.
    Honestly, I was really surprised that our eggplant even grew at all.  It took a long time to get started and there was a ton of plant and not much vegetable action going on.  Slowly but surely, they started to show themselves.  I’m sure not many of you know this but there are thorns on their vines!  And the vine that connects the actual eggplant is so thick and sturdy that you have to twist it to get it off.  At least that’s what I do. I’m sure you could…cut it?  Oh, and they actually hang from the vines.  I always expected them to rest on the ground.  I just find watching things grow so fascinating!!
    This time around I decided to make a fresh eggplant salad.  Simply components and fresh food.
    You will need:
    • eggplant
    • olive oil
    • salt and pepper
    • roasted peppers ( I prefer in a jar)
    • tomato
    • fresh basil
    After slicing the eggplant really thin and drizzling with olive oil, Jay threw it on the grill.  I then layered pieces of tomato, roasted peppers and basil.  Both the tomatoes and the basil were also from the garden.  I drizzled a little more olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and threw in some basil.062
    It was a pretty simple side dish so there wasn’t much measuring going on.  I went more with what I thought looked tasty.  And tasty it was!