These links were made for sharing.

Are you all enjoying fall as much as I am?  I know it is early in the season but I’m giddy just thinking about anything pumpkin or apple!  Here are some fall related links and some that are just interesting Smile
1.) Nothing goes better with caramel than an apple, right?  Except chocolate, fudge, salt and cake.
2.) I don’t know about you but I’m starting to crave cozy comfort foods like this delicious potato dish!
3.) But if you’re looking for some health food, why not check out these gorgeous photos for some inspiration?
4.) Why not mix it up for breakfast and try this delicious buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake?
5.) These food flags are just too unique to not check out!
6.) What are you brining to the next football game?  How about these soft pretzel bites?!
7.) Spinach and feta never looked so tasty and beautiful than in this recipe!
8.) Try these caramel pecan rolls with a nice cup of coffee and you’re set for the perfect fall morning.
9.) Speaking of coffee… I’m pretty sure  a pumpkin late is the only way to go this fall!
10.) And while I can wait for Halloween, my favorite holiday, I can’t wait to try Brandi’s Reese’s Pieces and Chocolate Chip Blondies!!

TCT on the go, here are some links you should know!

I’m still traveling and still sharing Smile I hope you enjoy!
1.) Are you still buying garlic bread in the frozen section of the grocery store?  Why not try making it yourself?
2.) What is more comforting than a toasty bagel on a fall morning?  Try a gingerbread bagel!
3.) Did you think that french fries just had to be greasy and filled with guilt?  Now you can have your fries and eat them too with this healthier version.
4.) While you’re at it, try this oven fried onion rings!
5.) Want to make a meal for your hubby or boyfriend but can’t because groceries seem so darn expensive these days?  Try a romantic meal for $10 or less.
6.) Have you ever felt like you loved soda so much that you wish you could eat  it instead of  drink it?  That’s right, these are coca cola cupcakes!
7.) Eggplant is one of my favorite foods.  And eggplant parm? Forget about it.  But the fat content is often so high.  Try this version for a slimed down version.
8.) Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! Check out these fun decorating tips for a twist on your normal fall décor.
9.) Looking for a fun city to visit?  Check out this site where you can click on a city and see what it is rated on the fun scale.
10.) I don’t know about you, but cupcake art is simply fun to just glance at.

TCT on the road.

Did you think that just because I was traveling I wouldn’t give you a weekly Two Cent Tuesday!?
1.) Have you ever had chocolate dipped ice cream?  Maybe you can’t have it at your favorite ice cream place but you can surely make this cupcakes this fall!
2.) I’m sure you’re in love with monkey bread as much as the next person.  But sometimes it is a bit tempting to have a huge portion.  Why not make this mini version?!
3.) Of course pancakes are delicious, but what about tiramisu pancakes?  Dessert and breakfast in one… yes please.
4.) Are you loving Starbucks’ pumpkin lattes this time of year?  Then you’ll love these pumpkin spice latte cupcakes!
5.)  This link pretty much speaks for itself.  Let’s just say you will be drooling once you click.
6.) Need some practice with your camera?  Try out this simulator to perfect  your skills.
7.)  Chocolate covered brownie bites sound pretty tasty, right?  What if I told you that there was no baking involved!?
8.) Do you ever worry that your photos don’t match up to ad photos?  Well, the actual product may have something to do with it!
9.)  I’ve never really thought about baked feta, but now I can’t stop.  Check out this delicious, melty recipe.
10.)  Lately I’ve been on a Biscoff kick and I don’t think this recipe is going to make me stop anytime soon.  Check it out and you’ll see why!
Have a great day and stay posted for some great guest posts this week!

Tasty Links.

How was your Labor Day?  Did you rest up and eat delicious food?  Either way, I bet you are hungry.  Here are some tasty Two Cent Tuesday links!
1.) Is it getting a little chilly where you are?  Try these stuffed jalapenos to warm up!
2.) Have you ever wished you could stay somewhere cozy, that felt like home while traveling?  What about renting an apartment or condo for a day or two?!
3.) In case you were thinking about taking out the crockpot already, here is a delicious and healthy recipe.
4.) Want to prank your friends and family in a fun and tasty way?  Try this recipe for a burger and fries.
5.) I don’t know about you but I’m loving the “in a jar” trend. Have you seen pies in a jar?
6.) Tipping is a controversial topic among people all over the world.  Do you agree with these standards?
7.) Are you thinking about pumpkin dishes already? Try this recipe with a crunch!
8.) Sometimes it is hard to know or remember how long a food is good for before is spoils.  Now you have a guide to follow!
9.) Nothing says comfort food like grilled cheese and tomato soup!
10.) Here is a list of healthy food under a dollar! Yes, it is true!

Tues Cent Tuesday

Hey y’all.  Here are my interesting finds for the week!
1.) Do you have a lot of ingredients in your kitchen but aren’t sure what to make?  Plug your ingredients in here and out comes some ideas!
2.) There is a slight chill in the air and it already has me thinking about delicious fall foods like this soup!
3.) Have you ever dreamt of having individual lasagne?
4.) If you’re looking for a cute look for fall, why not try sporting a cute scarf in your hair? Oh you don’t know how to tie one?  Well, look what I found.
5.) With the latest cake ball trend it is difficult to decide what kind to make! I have an idea… try this one!
6.) Would you like to win a gift card to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse?  What about learn some tips for eating healthfully while dining there?!  Well head to Danica’s giveaway to enter!
7.) Here’s a recipe for a twist on tiramisu.
8.)  What’s better than sitting down to a nice breakfast of French toast and bacon?  How about French toast and bacon in one recipe!?
9.) In case you missed this amazing invention on my Facebook page, check it out now!
10.) Sure you’ve heard of chocolate chip and bacon cookies, but peanut butter and bacon??? Now we’re talking.
Hope your day is happy and tasty!

Got some things to see for TCT.

1.)  Here’s a list of cupcakes Ming has made.  There are 33 and my favorite is #22! What is yours?
2.) Have you ever been cooking and realized that you don’t have a specific ingredient?  Here is a great list of substitutions!
3.) What’s better than a recipe that involves Oreos?  One that involves no baking!  Yes, it is true and it is here.
4.) This may be one of the most fun  food photography images ever!  I love seeing how creative others are.
5.) If the words “coconut-lime peanut sauce” make your mouth water you might want to check this recipe out!
6.) Of course pancakes are delicious, but cinnamon roll pancakes?! Off the yum-o-meter.
7.) Do you have the proper picnic gear?  You might want to check out this site and buy some of the cutest and organized picnic supplies!
8.) A great soft pretzel is hard to come by.  Jay has been wanting to make these for quite some time and we really need to make them soon!
9.) Do you do any of these “healthy”  habits?  Double  check because they may not be good habits to continue.
10.) Are you a college student on a tight budget?  Or simply looking for some inexpensive meals? Check out these great recipes!
Love you all, have a great day Smile

Tune in for Two Cent Tuesday.

Hard to believe that we are more than half way through July, isn’t it!?  But don’t worry this week’s TCT will make you forget August is on its way.
1.) Looking for something delicious, ripe and juicy to cool you off? Why not try cantaloupe sorbet?!
2.) Don’t feel like turning the oven on this summer? Try this no cook recipes.
3.) If you think you don’t like meatless burgers, check out this bean burger recipe.
4.) These tasting plates are just what you need for entertaining this summer. Not only will it help you organize for your dinner party but your guests will be impressed with the sleek design.
5.) Want a unique dessert to bring to your next barbeque?  What about this pineapple coconut bread?!
6.) You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make delicious take out at home.
7.)  Were you caught  up in the magic of Harry Potter? Try this recipe for butterbeer!
8.) Tired of plain old jello shots? Try Lisa’s recipe for Orange Creamsicle Jello Shots!
9.) Looking for a delicious brinner recipe? Check this creative one out, especially if you don’t know what brinner is!
10.) Have you ever checked out foodzie? A foodie’s one stop shop for gifts and goods!
Have a great day!