Jersey Fresh Salad

Of all the summer months, August usually takes the heat, quite literally.  At least here in New Jersey, where it gets so hot and muggy that you don’t feel like eating anything but salads and cool drinks.
Although I didn’t have any recipes planned when I visited the farmers market this week, these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes stood out.


I loved  how there were different colors, shapes and sizes and yet they are all tomatoes, sweet and juicy.


I decided to make an easy, fresh and delicious salad.


It was so easy that I feel like it is hardly a recipe, more or less  just throwing some produce together.
Jersey Fresh Salad:
•7-8 heirloom tomatoes
•3 fresh mint sprigs
•1/2  cup cantaloupe
•Sea salt to taste
1.) Cut cantaloupe into small cubes.  I like the cubes because it makes it easy to eat and it also visually appealing.
2.) Cut the tomatoes in half.
3.) Cut mint into small pieces or you could even rip the pieces.
4.) Sprinkle with salt to taste.
See, I told you it was easy!  This recipe is for a single serving so if you wanted to make it for more, you’d just have to add more of the ingredients.
If you were feeling extra interesting you could add some feta cheese or goat cheese!


Now excuse me, it is expected to be a high of 93 today and I have a salad to eat.

Spinach & Bacon Salad

Whether you’re barbecuing, relaxing or working this Memorial Day weekend, one thing is for sure… this weekend kicks off summer eating!  Ok, so maybe you already started eating caprese salads and fresh watermelon, I am guilty  too.  But, prior to this weekend it wasn’t official.
I  have a salad for you that will make you the star of any barbecue, work picnic or family reunion.  It is simple, fresh, and an explosion of flavor with each bite!
Strawberry Spinach Salad
You will need:
For salad:
•2 bags of baby spinach
•1 pint of strawberries, sliced
•3/4 pound of grapes, cut in halves
•1 pound of bacon, cooked and crumbled
For dressing:
•1 cup olive oil
•1 cup sugar
•1/2 cup wine vinegar
•1 tsp salt
•1 tsp minced onion
•1 tsp worcestershire sauce
The hardest part of this recipe is just prepping everything.  Make sure  you wash your spinach well and dry it even better.  Mix together the ingredients for the dressing well.  The dressing will tend to separate so make sure you keep stirring.  Combine all of the salad components and you’re finished!
I always serve the dressing on the side because it will become extremely soggy if you put it over the salad ahead of time.  And if you have vegetarians you can obviously put the bacon on the side as well.  Feel free to substitute  the bacon for turkey bacon too!
And you might want to print this recipe out because everyone is going to  want it.  Oh, and you might as well get used to making it because not only will your friends and family be asking you to make it…but you’ll probably have a stash of it waiting in your fridge all summer long.  Yup, it  is that good.
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Disappointing salad.

I will admit that not all of my meals turn out the way I want them to.
Although this salad was fresh and looked great… by the time I ate it, it was little mushy.
Mushy salad = no good.
I did use some tomatoes from my grandfather’s garden which I did enjoy.
I really can’t deny a delicious fresh tomato.
This afternoon I’m off for another 4.5 mile run and I’m excited because my cousin put new music on my Ipod…yipee!  Nothing motivates me more than good music.
Here’s to hoping tonight’s dinner will be tastier!

Celebrate Good Times.

This past weekend my grandparents celebrated their 60th anniversary!
Then Jay and I ran 7 miles in 1 hour and 6 minutes!! I was proud of us :D Especially because we ran in the rain.
This evening we celebrated my sister and her husband coming home from Hawaii on their honeymoon and my Dad’s early birthday.
I had a small glass of wine.
Chicken parm, a mixed salad and green beans.
My brother is also leaving for college tomorrow!
I will miss him and his goofy self!
Tonight I rested after my run yesterday and it felt good.  Now I’m going to watch True Blood!  I haven’t ever seen an episode, I’m excited!

Cilantro and lime.

I am so glad we had leftovers from last night’s dinner :D
I made a fish taco salad.  Minus the tortilla.
I also put some of the sour cream/ancho chile dressing on top and a little of the caesar dressing.  What an amazing combo!
I’m in love with the flavor of lime and cilantro.  I could eat this flavor combo every day!  So fresh and delicious.
Today’s workout is 4.5 miles again.  I’m feeling a little unmotivated but Jay and I are meeting for dinner later so that should help me want to keep going so I can finish up and spend some time with him :D