Blogher Food 2011 Recap & Giveaway!

Are you tired of my Blogher Food posts yet!?  I promise this is the last one Smile  If you haven’t checked out my posts yet, Pre Blogherfood, Blogher Food Day 1, Blogher Food Day 2.
Because there was so much to read in my posts which may be overwhelming, I’ve decided  to make a brief top 10 list to highlight things that I learned that  were most important to me.
1.) Take photos and notes while attending different sessions so you will have information to look back on and share with others.
2.) Tweet!  I realize that this was one of my tips before I attended, but I wanted to reiterate its importance.  This was the second food blog conference I attended and the first that I had a smart phone.  I didn’t realize everything I was missing out on during the first conference!! Oh,  and download TweetDeck while you’re at it.
3.) Keep an open mind and listen to any  ideas and advice from other bloggers.
4.) Download Windows Live Writer !!! Instead of posting blogs directly through the site you use, you can write on WLW, which is similar to Word, but with all the blog features.  Danica introduced me to it and it has made life so much easier!
5.) Try foods that you might not normally try.  I tried bison for the first time and I retried lamb for the second time.
6.) Don’t be afraid to use public transportation.  Just plan ahead and you can save yourself a lot of money.
7.) Ask locals  for ideas of where to go and eat.  I asked someone who lead me to a great shopping area!
8.) If you are going to be at a different hotel than the one where the conference is being held, make sure it is very close otherwise you will spend too much money and time going back and forth.  I learned this at my first conference and this time was much better!
9.) Go against your routine.  Wake up early, stay up late, try something new!
10.) Plan on attending next year!
I also wanted to point out that I added 5 additional tips to my travel tips for those going alone.  I didn’t want to add this prior to leaving because I didn’t want to let the world know I’d be alone!!
Lastly, I wanted to announce a GIVEAWAY!  While at Blogher Food 2011 everyone received a lot of swag and I wanted to share with you.  So I will be giving one lucky reader a basket filled with samples/products/coupons for products including companies such as Starkist, Scharffenberger , POM Wonderful, Dole and more! To enter:
1.) Leave a comment and share something you learned while traveling.
2.) Follow me on twitter and comment saying you do.
3.) Tweet this giveaway and comment saying that you did.
Each entry will give you another chance to win!  The contest will go until Sunday, May 29th at 11:59 PM EST.  I will announce the winner and contact you via email.  Good luck!