Tuesday linkage.

1.) Do you have a lot of leftover pumpkin hanging around after Halloween?  Try making spiced pumpkin seeds!
2.) What did your pumpkin look like this year?  Check out these great, creative pumpkins!
3.) Did you kids bring home a ton of candy trick-or-treating?  Or do you have a lot of candy left? Why not make this candy pudding!?!
4.) If you’re looking for a simple, easy, recipe that will warm you up, try this cordon bleu crescent bake!
5.) Bubbles aren’t just fascinating, they’re beautiful…right?! If you agree then you have to check out these photos.
6.) Looking for something to make for dinner tonight? How does cheddar crusted chicken fingers sound?
7.) Sometimes it is hard to find something to make for dessert, so why not check out apple nachos for something different!
8.) Is anyone celebrating The Day of the Dead today?  If so, check out these adorable cookies and make some!
9.) Does grilled cheese and tomato soup bring you back to your childhood?  Why not try this soup and sandwich combo?
10.)  As the mornings are getting chillier, warm breakfasts just sound so much more appealing!! Try these crispy tater tots for something special!