Here’s what I found interesting this week!

1.) Try this refreshing, fun, cocktail! The best part? A sprig of rosemary!
2.) I bet you’ve never tried candy bark quite like this!
3.) Still can’t get enough Christmas cookies? Why not make these gingerbread pancakes!
4.) Feeling fancy?  Why not try this 15 layer cake!
5.) Check out this holiday celebration, where they played with their food to create words!
6.) Thinking of something fun to do on New Year’s Eve?  Why not stay in and make some fondue!
7.) Curl up with this bowl of creamy mushroom pasta when you’re craving comfort
8.) Feeling under the weather? Try this meyer lemon hot toddy!
9.) Did you love the candy dots as a kid?  Now you can make them yourself!
10.) These crispy parmesan rosemary potatoes would be the perfect side to any meal!

Two Cent Tuesday for the Holiday!

1.) Nothing says Christmas quite like chocolate and peppermint. What a fantastic combination!
2.) Are you looking for a fancy holiday party ‘do?  Try one of these pretty looks!
3.) Try these cinnamon cream cheese bars at your holiday breakfast this year!
4.) Mashed potatoes are a holiday fan favorite, but add some goat cheese and you might crave these all year long!
5.) Not only is this shrimp bisque recipe making my mouth water, but the pictures are beautiful and the story is touching.
6.) How do avocado fries with spicy dip sound? Tempting?  I thought so.
7.) These green tea and raspberry trifles are so beautiful and decadent!
8.) I always love unique desserts like this recipe for pineapple upside down cookies!
9.) Why have I never thought to make this?! Rice Krispie french toast!
10.) Here’s a festive recipe for traditional Christmas cookies!

Two Cent Tuesday… Back Again!

1.) What would be better to warm you up than adult hot chocolate with Bailey’s marshmallows?
2.) Looking for a comforting, warm, chocolatey dessert? How does peanut butter brownie pudding pie sound!?
3.) Have you started baking for the holidays? These wreath cookies are a perfect, creative twist to ordinary holiday cookies!
4.) What’s better… smores or truffles? What if you could have both!?
5.) Are you looking to make homemade gifts this year?  Try this recipe for homemade hazelnut spread!
6.) Try making these north pole cupcakes to get into the Christmas spirit!
7.) Wouldn’t you love to curl up on the couch with a nice, warm bowl of… lasagna soup!?
8.) You have to check out these cute fruit Christmas tree pastries!
9.) Another great idea for a holiday gift is this really delicious recipe for peppermint bark!
10.) Chocolate and peanut butter are the best combination but add pretzels and the mix and you get this delicious recipe!

Make way, it’s Two Cent Tuesday.

1.) Whether you’re having a party or simply want fancy way to eat your veggies this holiday season, check out this adorable tree!
2.) My good friend Beth started a blog recently and I highly recommend you check it out Smile
3.) What’s more decadent than brie as a savory appetizer?  Fried brie! 
4.) Try this easy, healthy recipe to make your own tasty nut butter!
5.) I admit that rainbow desserts are so appealing!!! And this one is no exception.
6.) I’m a huge fan of anything that has to do with monkey bread, especially when it is portable and easy to make!
7.) If you’re looking for a warm, comforting bowl of soup, try this Guinness and Onion Soup with Irish Cheddar Crouton!
8.) Looking for a winter cocktail? Try this tasty recipe.
9.) Are you making homemade gifts this year?  Why not make homemade candy, such as these Twix bars!?
10.) These gingerbread whoopie pies are a unique twist on a holiday favorite!


Sharing is caring.

1.) I recently started eating brown rice once I realized I was not cooking it correctly!  Follow this recipe for tasty brown rice!
2.) Do you enjoy cheesy, gooey, toasty sandwiches? What about fresh herbs? Try this sandwich recipe for an amazing sandwich treat!
3) If you’re looking for a place to find baking recipes all in one spot, check out this link where everything is perfectly organized!
4.) These snowmen cupcakes are not only adorable but low fat!
5.) Do you need a fresh start after Thanksgiving? Try this fresh, healthy, green smoothie.
6.) This one dish lunch or dinner is easy and filled with nutritious ingredients!
7.) Of course you’ve had Jell-O shots before, but have you ever had rainbow Jell-O shots before?
8.) Cuban sandwiches pack a lot of flavor into two slices of bread and this version will have your mouth watering.
9.) If you’re looking for a hearty soup on a chilly night, this one is perfect!
10.) Do you have any leftovers from Thanksgiving?  If so, try this turkey Reuben recipe for one last turkey hoorah!

Let’s share some links.

1.) I have yet to try a mug cake but they always look so cute and tasty.  Have you tried one?  Here are some recipes for inspiration!
2.) Do you eat for comfort?  Here are some ways to break the habits and cycles!
3.) Risotto is one of the ultimate comfort foods!  Try this tasty recipe tonight with some veggies and you will have the perfect meal.
4.) If you love sites where you find new, unique, products, you will love this site.  Especially because you can find out where you can buy them!
5.) Have you ever thought about making your own sprinkles?!
6.) Is coffee good for anything other than starting your day?  Of course it is!
7.) Making the perfect pizza at home can be tricky but try these tips and your results will be perfectly tasty!
8.) If you’re missing summer veggies like zucchini in this tasty recipe.
9.) I’m sure you’ll be interested in anything that is called gooey chocolate chip cookie bars, so here it is!
10.) Looking for the perfect foodie holiday gift? Check out these ideas!

Two Cents, It’s What I got.

1.) If you want to make pumpkin pie with a twist for Thanksgiving this year, be sure to try making pumpkin pie in a jar!
2.) Sweet potatoes can be a great, healthy choice for the holidays.  But the toppings can sometimes add a lot of extra fat. Try one of these healthy versions for a real treat!
3.) This may just be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Check this link out for a fun Christmas-y project/recipe!
4.) Looking to sneak some veggies in you mac and cheese? This recipe will be sure to have anyone fooled!
5.) Or try this tasty veggie calzone!
6.) Does rosemary remind you of the holidays?  Then you’ll love this comforting mac and cheese recipe that uses rosemary!
7.) For a different twist on chicken and waffles, check out this recipe.
8.) In case you have some extra candied yams this time of year, I suggest this sweet treat!
9.) Tired of traditional breakfast?  Try this savory breakfast pizza!
10.) Not only are these grilled cheese croutons adorable but they are also going to add so much flavor to your soup!