Good Old Tradition

Merry Christmas Eve Eve :)  I’m pretty corny like that and get like a little kid at Christmas time.  I’ve been pretty busy doing all kinds of traditional things.
Cooking is obviously high on the priority list at my house.  My sister and Mom made an abundance of eggplant parmesan and stuffed shells for Christmas day. (And probably months afterward.)
Jay and I gave candy making a whirl.
Nothing says Christmas like chocolate covered pretzels :)
We also gave Jessica’s Cake batter Chocolate Bark a whirl.
With a Christmas twist of course.  And my bark didn’t come out as pretty as Jessica’s.  We tried to follow the recipe as best as we could but the regular chocolate started melting when we added the white chocolate.  It  came out kinda swirly and fun though!
My family also decorated our tree!  We always get a real tree although there was talk of getting a fake one for next year.  Not sure how I feel about that.
Sand thought decorating the tree was hard work.
We also decorate gingerbread houses!
Some got a little funky.
While others got a little silly.
We just stayed traditional.
I will admit that we had a little help making our gingerbread house.  This year it came already assembled!  I think that’s a brilliant idea.  The sugar was already made for decorating too.  It lets you just worry about the decorating and the ideas of sugar just float from your mind onto the house.
Traditions are really fun and I always look forward to doing these things with my family.  It makes the holidays feel homey :)