Farm Fresh Friday–Unexpected Treasure

All summer I have been hearing about Woodbury’s Farmers Market.  Each Friday this market is held on Cooper Street & Railroad Avenue by train station parking lot in Woodbury, NJ from 2pm-6pm. 
While this farmers market has been going on Friday after Friday, summer after summer, since 2003, it was the first time I have stopped by.  And while I have wanted to visit practically every Friday this summer, it was the first time I was able to check out this unique hidden gem.
My favorite stop was this little organic stand, where the woman said she and her husband grow everything.  When I asked if they had a farm that you could visit she told me that they actually just intended to eat what they grew but there too much so whatever they couldn’t eat they sold at the market.
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See the whitish/green eggplant on the bottom?  I never knew this but she told me that that was how eggplant was first grown, in the shape of an egg and it had a white color. As she held it in her hand it made perfect sense!  Why had I never questioned this before!?  I always just accepted that a big, purple vegetable was called eggplant.
After snapping some photos and capturing some photos I was so glad that I finally visited this unexpected treasure that I had always heard about.  In fact, I loved it so much… I’m going back today  Smile