Tues Cent Tuesday

Hey y’all.  Here are my interesting finds for the week!
1.) Do you have a lot of ingredients in your kitchen but aren’t sure what to make?  Plug your ingredients in here and out comes some ideas!
2.) There is a slight chill in the air and it already has me thinking about delicious fall foods like this soup!
3.) Have you ever dreamt of having individual lasagne?
4.) If you’re looking for a cute look for fall, why not try sporting a cute scarf in your hair? Oh you don’t know how to tie one?  Well, look what I found.
5.) With the latest cake ball trend it is difficult to decide what kind to make! I have an idea… try this one!
6.) Would you like to win a gift card to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse?  What about learn some tips for eating healthfully while dining there?!  Well head to Danica’s giveaway to enter!
7.) Here’s a recipe for a twist on tiramisu.
8.)  What’s better than sitting down to a nice breakfast of French toast and bacon?  How about French toast and bacon in one recipe!?
9.) In case you missed this amazing invention on my Facebook page, check it out now!
10.) Sure you’ve heard of chocolate chip and bacon cookies, but peanut butter and bacon??? Now we’re talking.
Hope your day is happy and tasty!