Cute as a button, pretty as a flower, little Leah’s baby shower!

Remember when I told you about my sister’s gender reveal party?  Well baby Leah’s arrival is quickly approaching and the celebrating has begun.


My sister Carrie’s baby shower was actually back in November. Leah isn’t due until January but with the holidays approaching and everyone hustle and bustling, we figured it would be best to have it early.
While we held the shower at a restaurant, The Mozzarella Grill, most of the decorating and planning was done by my Mom and I. 
I did a bunch of research and found so many cute baby decorating ideas. 





The one decoration/favor I was most proud of was the cake pops that I made.  They turned out really cute but wow are they a challenge to make.  Of course I checked out a bunch of bloggers, youtube videos and most importantly, Bakerella, the queen of cake pops. 


Let’s just say that if you are going to make them then make sure you have set aside some time, effort, and patience.  Oh, and you might want to practice a few batches first. 


But the results will be so worth it, especially because it is a labor of love.



Leah has so much waiting for her!  Every baby supply or trinket you could think of.  And most importantly, endless love.  There are only a few weeks left until her arrival and I can’t wait to be an aunt!