Here’s what I found interesting this week!

1.) Try this refreshing, fun, cocktail! The best part? A sprig of rosemary!
2.) I bet you’ve never tried candy bark quite like this!
3.) Still can’t get enough Christmas cookies? Why not make these gingerbread pancakes!
4.) Feeling fancy?  Why not try this 15 layer cake!
5.) Check out this holiday celebration, where they played with their food to create words!
6.) Thinking of something fun to do on New Year’s Eve?  Why not stay in and make some fondue!
7.) Curl up with this bowl of creamy mushroom pasta when you’re craving comfort
8.) Feeling under the weather? Try this meyer lemon hot toddy!
9.) Did you love the candy dots as a kid?  Now you can make them yourself!
10.) These crispy parmesan rosemary potatoes would be the perfect side to any meal!